Platform update, version 2.8:

-Improved graph with different candles and market depth graph (will be improved soon)
-Warnings about low volume markets
-Payment processors section improvement
-Adding coin to voting now has price 50 CROC
-Different interface improvements
Dear users, listing of new coins will be temporarily stopped from July 25 until August 8 due to platform performance optimization.
Dear users, now CryptoHub has referral system, for each referred user you will receive 40% of that users trade fees (only BTC market) converted to CROC coin. You can get referral link and see ref list in settings page.
Platform update, version 2.7

As users required we added XMR and browser mining feature (based on CoinHive), you can enable it in settings. That will add to header this block for regulate CPU usage 30% / 60% / 90%. XMR will be added to your balance every 30 minutes. XMR trading will be enable after sync.
Good news, we reached 2000 followers in twitter. If you didnt follow us yet it's recommended to do:
This way you will always know our news, issues, swap and delisting of coins
Platform update. Version 2.5

-Improved market self-updating
-Fixes in night mode interface
-Added 12 months graph
-Section "Trading history" that shows all your trades in all markets
Big platform update! Version 2.3
Main changes:
-PoS page now shows all clear and says if PoS for a coin works or not and will give your reward or not
-Performance update and faster icons loading
-"Sweep dust" in balance page
-Moderation of faucets
And lot of small fixes more...
We performed urgent swap of MARCO coin. You need get new deposit address. Also you need get new local wallet, don't withdraw coins to old wallets or it will be lost. Our cooperative masternode currently disabled, will be enabled in some days as soon as we check everything is ok.
We started referal contest with duration of 2 weeks with 5 prize places.
Read rules and details here:
XLR now is PoS only. All miners connected to XLR moved to ELP pool. I recommend switch to some another coin (ARGO, HONEY, ERA, MAX, PGN) for more profitability