coins ONION and LINDA will be delisted. They have 0 trades last time. Lets make space for new coins.

AMS pool problem seems resolved
CryptoHub server is restored after stuck of XLR-xevan wallet.
Pool of XLR-xevan has more 60% on net hashrate, that is not ok. Please choose other pools.
I temporarily set 2% fee until pool hashrate lowers.
It's possible that XLR-xevan pool will be closed for maintenance for some days.
Added XLR-Xevan coin pool. Currently 0% fee

At cryptohub you can mine both XLR coins: on nist5 and xevan algos.
At October 25 mining of XLR on nist5 will be disabled and will be the swap of old XLR coin - it will be added to the balance of new coin.
Added PoS rewards to all coins that currently support it: XLR, WYV, CROC. The details you can see here:

XLR coin situation
XLR coin will have a hard-fork soon that changed its algorithm and adds new features. At cryptohub you can continue to mine XLR on nist5 algo but also soon will be added new coin XLR-xevan to be mined on xevan algo. For now you can check your mining software for xevan on mining AMS coin.
Aprox at October 25 mining of XLR on nist5 will be disabled and will be a swap of old XLR coin - it will be added to the balance of new coin.
Release GUI Miner version 1.1: Added AMS coin for CPU mining and intensity managment for nvidia cards.

At version 1.0 some users were talking about error at windows 8 when miner didn't launch. Please try new version
WYV pool balance is restored, all withdrawals are working well now.

GUI miner is ready for testing! You can get up to 500 CROC for testing it. See more details here
GUI miner is fixed for windows 10 and its interface is a little improved now. Sometime miner may need administrative rights

I added to all testers 300-500 CROC rewards. The ones who didn't try the miner you can join, there are 3000 CROC more to pay rewards. I will consider all suggestions and will improve miner at next version.
"PURE" coin is deleted from pool since it is incompatible with common pool software.
BTC withdrawal fee is lowered now.

Very soon will appear new coins to mine and GUI miner
WYV Coin situation
WYV coin has mismatched balances do to its wallet issue, for that one user ( has got 3 withdrawals of 1000 WYV instead of 1. I have forfeited its balance and now is negative. Pool still has deficit of WYV
Skidoo coin will not present at mining due to low profitability. But its market is open for trading.
Added new coin Skidoo. That coin is extremely low profitable to mined in solo. Please don't mine it now. Soon I will add merged mining to mine it together with CROC.
Added DeepOnion coin. Its pool has 2 ports: port 3101 for GPU or home ASIC and port 3102 for nicehash rentals.

In faucets section you can see a new XLR faucet Brain-mines, it's something like human-mining
Marketplace seems working stable so I have added to it 3 coins more: XLR, Q2C, WYV.

BTC withdrawal fee is lowered to 0.00055
The OLIT coin is considered to be dead, so it is delisted from pool and will be deleted from the project soon.

Added CryptoHubFaucet scrypt that you can use to create your own faucet working with cryptohub API. I will be grateful if someone test the scrypt on a common hosting, any issue notify will be rewarded with CROC coin. Scrypt details are here.
In faucets section added first CROC coin faucet that currently has very big rewards. Get your coin in time! This coin is already trading on our marketplace and is pending to be added to one big marketplace.
At XLR (solaris) pool was added stratum port 3033 with static difficulty 0.8.
It should be more efficient if you have hashrate 150 mh/s and more, or use nicehash rentals
Marketplace has opened for testing. To all users added 10 CROC that is recomended to use at market testing. If you find any issue/error/bug please notify to the support, this help will be rewarded up to 1000 CROC. ... UPDATE: To all users that were notifying about issues were added bonuses in CROC. The most of issues are already fixed, but testing period continues.
Project update! Please notify the support if you see any error. Marketplace will be open very soon and CROC will be the first coin to trading.
Pool update! Added automatic withdrawals on reaching some threshold. You can set them at withdraw modal window. They have same fee like common withdrawals. Besides of it now you can hide coins which don't interest you at pool page. Added new coin CROC, please note - it's for ASIC mining (sha256 algo). Don't forget to notify the support about any issue and suggest your ideas.
Pool's improvement! The reward method is still PROP, but now in case of orphaned block all shares of that round will be counted in new round. So it should be more honest. Some pools like minergate don't do that
Launched second XLR faucet with gaming functionality! Besides, now you can get your deposit address and use it on cryptohub faucets claim, this way any reward amount will be added to your balance immediately. All suggestions are welcome!
Stratum server issue is fixed. I think it will not happen again
Great project update! Added 2 coins: OLIT (X11 algo) and Linda (Scrypt algo), it's better to use ASIC to mine these coins. Added faucet functionality, and there is the first XLR faucet. The second faucet with gaming is coming soon. If you have some ideas or have seen some issues you can easily write it to support email.
Withdrawal fee set to 0,1% but can not be more than 10x of tx fee. So if you withdraw large amount you get few fee. Anyway our fee is lower than other pools have