Platform is updated to version 1.7
Now we have market improvement and cooperative masternodes.
For now you can participate in creating masternode for XLR and SUCR locking from 10% to 40% of its total price.
Service fee is only 2%.
EGAME coin still working badly because of inadequate users that make thousands deposits of small amounts and also users that deposit more than 99 billions.
For now you can (it's recommended):
-Deposit EGAME 10 billions in one transaction and not more than 99 billions summary
-Withdraw EGAME 5 billions in one transaction, higher amount in one withdraw can make error

Support is tired enough with this coin and will not answer new tickets about EGAME.
Platform is updated to version 1.6 (press ctrl+f5 to clear cache)
What's new:
-Rating system
-Small fixes everywhere
-waves tokens fixes. we continue testing of waves tokens deposits/withdrawals

Announcement about EGAME coin lost deposits:
-CryptoHub supports on user balance maximum amount of any coin 99 billions and I informed EGAME devs about it
-some users deposited more than 99 biliions EGAME and their coins weren't added
-now I added warning message into deposit window
-all users with lost deposits should write a ticket to support and write there amount of lost coins and address to where I can return them their coins. You should do it until Febrary 10. After that date I will not answer such tickets anymore.
XLR pool back to normal work.

We also finally launched ERZ pool
We performed swap of LEMS coin. The swap is 500:1. So don't wonder that you balances decreased. All opened order were cancelled, now you can create new orders. LEMS is full PoS now so pool is closed.

Due to high demand CryptoHub applies new listing prices earlier than was planned: Now listing price is 20000 CROC, for WAVES token price is 12000 CROC
Platform is updated to version 1.5! press ctrl+f5 to clear cache and see changes

What's new:
-predictions feature (more details here)
-pools page optimizations
-at PoS page you can now hide coins that you dont have
-market now updates order tables via socket - it should update list immedeately if someone bought/sold that coin
-Server stat block at bottom right corner - will inform about server overloading or planned maintenance.
CryptoHub performs planned maintenance 2 times per day, that commonly takes 20 minutes. In that time deposits/withdrawals can be delayed.
We performed swap of Cheese Coin and now it's a new coin, you should get new deposit address for this coin. Mining for Cheese doesn't work, but soon we will have online staking for it.

New voting for adding coins launched! There are 8 coins, 2 coins with highers results will be added. Paid votes will be disabled at last 24 hours of voting to make it fair.
How was promised, CryptoHub enabled minimum deposit amounts for all coins, today 15 January. There are still some users that mine to deposit addresses, making spam transactions amounts for example 0.00122345 SUCR or 0.01310000 NNC , such amounts will not be added to balance anymore.

Don't write to support, you were warned since January 5.

In testing mode added ETN coin. Minimal deposit 5 coins. Withdrawal fee 0.1
Platform is updated to version 1.4. Please inform support about any issue. But firstly try to clear cache using ctrl+f5.

What's new:
-Pools now check block explorer to ensure we are at right chain or not. If we are at wrong chain will be enabled maintanance and you will see warning about. If block explorer is unavailable or out of sync you will see different warning (now you can see it for AMS coin)
-Double fee feature for BTC withdrawals. For now all btc withdrawals get confirmations in some hours, that feature is for just in case, BTC net is unpredictable and if you want to be sure to get confirmations fast use that double fee. Support will not answer tickets about stuck BTC withdrawals anymore.
-At profile page you can see "? where ?" button near to BTC, to see list where your BTC are locked at orders
It seems impossible to resend stuck BTC withdrawals with higher fee by double spend of inputs. So there is no way to resolve the problem. All users with stuck BTC withdrawals should wait, maybe one week more, maybe one month more, I don't care, nobody has fault that bitcoin net is even more overloaded, it was 100 mb mempool one week ago, and now is already 130 mb. You can use some btc accelerator service if you want.
Don't annoy to support with this issue more