-Referral contest-


Platform update. Version 2.5

-Improved market self-updating
-Fixes in night mode interface
-Added 12 months graph
-Section "Trading history" that shows all your trades in all markets
Big platform update! Version 2.3
Main changes:
-PoS page now shows all clear and says if PoS for a coin works or not and will give your reward or not
-Performance update and faster icons loading
-"Sweep dust" in balance page
-Moderation of faucets
And lot of small fixes more...
We performed urgent swap of MARCO coin. You need get new deposit address. Also you need get new local wallet, don't withdraw coins to old wallets or it will be lost. Our cooperative masternode currently disabled, will be enabled in some days as soon as we check everything is ok.
We started referal contest with duration of 2 weeks with 5 prize places.
Read rules and details here: https://cryptohub.online/ref_contest/
XLR now is PoS only. All miners connected to XLR moved to ELP pool. I recommend switch to some another coin (ARGO, HONEY, ERA, MAX, PGN) for more profitability
We have something to refresh our pool!
Since XLR coin swiches to PoS in ~3 days, we added new coin for GPU mining PGN (Pigeoncoin). It's new coin with unique algorith x16s. You need download latest version of ccminer to mine that coin https://github.com/tpruvot/ccminer/releases
PGN will be at CryptoBridge exchange soon.

XLR PoW ends on block 259201, all miners remain on XLR pool at tha moment will be switched to ELP pool
Platform update, version 2.02. Press ctrl+f5 to clear cache.

-Added simple captcha on login and register, should help with bots and bruteforce-attack
-Added "Rules" page: https://cryptohub.online/rules/ . Please read rules accordingly user account inactivity
Small platform update, version 2.01: market optimization; auto switch chat to used language
Press ctrl+f5 to clear cache
Platform updated to version 2.0
-WAVES trading pairs
-Portuguese localization
-Trading results feature (search it at profile page)
-Security improvement (captcha after 5 wrong login attempts, email confirmations on enter with new IP)
-WAVES tokens now can also be added via auction

Soon in project will appear separate supports, this will help to decreases answer time in tickets.
Platform updated to version 1.8:
-Platform optimizations
-Added "swap" description instead of "delisted" for some coins
-At market you now have button to show only markets with your opened orders
-Added support of cryptonote coins and added Balkancoin (BKC)
-Improvement of Spanish localization, thanks to user @cryptostatsweb