Listing rules

Rules accordingly adding new coin

For adding coins can be used only page Add coin paying CROC coin
You need read all information carefully and ensure we support such type of coin, but if not we can refund all paid CROCs. Currently we support: BTC-forked coins, Monero-forked, Bytecoin(cryptonote)-forked, Waves tokens.
It's not needed to inform supports or owner before/after submitting any coin.
It's useless to ask to add coin for free, for premine, for lower cost. We stopped adding coins for free from April 2018 due to servers overload and high demand.

Adding coin requirments

*It's forbidden to use logo very similar to some another coin, we will delay adding of your coin until you provide another logo.

Tecnical restrictions

We accept coins with block time from 20 seconds to 20 minutes
Supported pool algorithms: sha256d, scrypt, x11, x13, xevan, quark, skein, keccak, nist5, qubit, argon2d, neoscrypt, hmq1725, blake2s, tribus, x16r, x16s
We can't know in advance if we can use online-staking or cooperative masternode for a coin.

Rules accordingly swap

CryptoHub performs auto-swap for all users. After dev request we put warning about incoming swap, stop deposits and allow only withdrawals (for case if user wants to make swap faster than we do)
-If swap is 1:1 (no denomination) CryptoHub will make swap in 2 weeks after announcment.
-If there is denomination CryptoHub will make swap in 4 weeks after announcment.
Important! Accordinly to community rules coin dev should provide for all coin holders at least 1 month for making swap, otherwise coin will be considered as SCAM. In such case we will not do the swap and just will enable delisting of the coin

For one particular coin is not allowed to make swap more frequently than 1 time per 6 months. Otherwise swap will have price 50% of adding new coin. Waves tokens can't be swapped

Rules accordingly delisting/maintenance

Accordingly to community rules coin' dev can't personally decide about delisting/maintenance if there is no reason for that.

CryptoHub can put coin on maintenance if there is some net instability, unworking block explorer, wrong wallet behaviour. In such case maintenance can be up to 30 days, if problem remains unsolved by coin' devs we will announce delisting of the coin.

Any coin can be delisted if:
-Has few trades during 2 weeks (average daily volume lower than 0.001)
-Consumes a lot of server resources and can't be fixed
-Unstable wallet or unstable blockchain (multiple chains / stopped blocks)

Rules accordingly trading pairs

By default all coins have only BTC trading pair
If some coin has price lower than 100 sat we can enable WAVES pair
For the coin having price higher than 1000 sat can be enabled ETH pair by dev request