-Referral contest-


Here you can create your own faucet to make payments on your website using our API. There is a universal scrypt for fast faucet creation: CryptoHubFaucet scrypt. The people will get payments via cryptohub payment processor and can track their intermediate balances here. Once a balance reaches the minimum payout sum it will be sent to the wallet.

Besides, users of our website can use their deposit address to get rewards from faucets, in this case every payment will be added to balance immediately.

If you are a developer of a coin you can create airdrop for the coin, this way you can filter users that can get coins while those users get coins more easily and secure without leaving cryptohub site. On airdrop every user can get coins only once.

Faucets payment fee: 1%   |   Airdrop payment fee: 0.5%

Check your address

Here your can see last claims on faucets and check your current unpaid balance here:

Collect coins from faucets

You can claim from faucets using your address from any wallet of supported coins or your deposit address of that coin on cryptohub

Faucets list

Check already existing faucets to get rewards from there, like best faucets or send reports if a faucet has technical issues or contains viruses. We will check and disable such faucet untill its owner fixes the problem.
Please note that "Reward" and "Interval" values are declared by faucet owner and aren't checked by our system. The faucet's owner should maintain these values up to date, if not you can dislike that faucet. Also you can hide any faucet from your list for any reason (slow website, always low reward, a lot of advertising on the website, etc)

TitleRewardIntervalLinkVote HideReport
SuperDoggie Doge faucet0.00050000 - 0.0050000060 Go to faucet
TitleRewardIntervalLinkVote HideReport
CROC simple faucet0.05000000 - 0.2500000030 Go to faucet
TitleRewardIntervalLinkVote HideReport
BITCOINEX faucet0.01000000 - 0.100000005 Go to faucet
TitleRewardIntervalLinkVote HideReport
GSAVE Faucet0.10000000 - 0.500000001440 Go to faucet
TitleRewardIntervalLinkVote HideReport
TulipCoin Faucet1.00000000 - 3.00000000360 Go to faucet
TitleRewardIntervalLinkVote HideReport
NomadCoin Faucet0.50000000 - 1.0000000060 Go to faucet
TitleRewardIntervalLinkVote HideReport
Powercoin faucet ,Knowledge Is Power100.00000000 - 1000.00000000120 Go to faucet
PWRcoin-Faucet,Knowledge Is Power100.00000000 - 2000.0000000060 Go to faucet
SuperDoggie - PWR Faucet1.00000000 - 50.0000000060 Go to faucet
TitleRewardIntervalLinkVote HideReport
MIC3 Faucet - Drip Hop1.00000000 - 8.00000000360 Go to faucet
MIC3 FAUCET1.00000000 - 10.0000000060 Go to faucet
MIC3 Faucet1.00000000 - 80.0000000010 Go to faucet
TitleRewardIntervalLinkVote HideReport
DCOIN FAUCET1.00000000 - 10.00000000485 Go to faucet