Add coin

Adding a coin to CryptoHub can be in 2 ways:

Paid listing
  • Current price is 10000 CROC
  • Adding in 24 hours
  • Adding both pool/market
  • High priority to wallet updates
  • Swap in case of oficial hard-fork
  • Talk to to add coin this way
Free listing by voting
  • Only coins with PoW (mining) can be adding
  • To prevent spam adding to voting has price 100 CROC
  • Coin will stay at voting 1 week against 3 other coins - coin that wins will be added
  • Coin that gets second place at voting will be moved to second round on the next week
  • Every user with at least 10$ at the balance can vote once per week
  • Users can vote additionally - 30 CROC per vote
  • Adding both pool/market
  • Adding in 72 hours

Also you can:

Order private pool

Currently CryptoHub doesn't support cryptonight/ethash/equihash coins

Coin that was added by any way can be delisted if:
-Has no miners nor trades during 2 weeks
-Consumes a lot of server resources and can't be fixed
-Unstable wallet or unstable blockchain (stopped block generation)

Add coin to next voting

Will appear in nearest voting with free place

You need login to do that