Add coin

Adding a coin to CryptoHub can be in 2 ways:

Paid listing
  • Can be paid only in CROC coin
  • Listing prices are different for different coin types, see forms below at this page
  • Adding in 3 days
  • Adding market, pool if we support that algorithm, online staking only if wallet is compatible
  • High priority to wallet updates
  • Swap in case of official hard-fork (*read swap norms at rules)
  • Listing rules:
  • Use auction form below to submit coin
Free listing by voting
  • To prevent spam adding to voting has price 50 CROC
  • Coin will stay at voting 1 week against 5-7 other coins - coin that wins will be added
  • Update August 8: Coin that gets second place at voting can be added for 50% of listing price
  • Update July 12: Only users of level 5 can vote
  • Update July 12: there are no paid votes
  • Adding all market/pool/PoS if possible
  • Adding in 5 days

To be added a coin should have official block explorer

CryptoHub supports bitcoin-like coins, monero/bytecoin-like coins, WAVES tokens and OMNI tokens

Currently CryptoHub doesn't support ethash/equihash coins nor ERC20 tokens

Coin that was added by any way can be delisted if:
-Has few trades during 2 weeks (average daily volume lower than 0.001)
-Consumes a lot of server resources and can't be fixed
-Unstable wallet or unstable blockchain (multiple chains / stopped blocks)

Add coin to next voting

Will appear in nearest voting with free place

You need login to do that

Add coin auction

CryptoHub will decrease listing price every day by 1000 CROC, down to 50% of full price. So if you reach auction in right time you can get your coin listed cheaper
Price reduction in
In same cases adding of submitted coin may take up to 5 days.
Please note CryptoHub doesnt support ERC tokens nor equilhash nor ethash wallets.

Current price at auction: 30000 CROC

You need login to do that

Server status

CryptoHub promises to maintain service working fast and stable, for that we watch that server CPU/RAM load never be higher 70%

Server 1 "Webserver & Stratums"

CPU load: 43.95%

RAM load: 67.066%

Disk usage: 37%   Disk load: 53.28%

Server 2 "Server with SSD for I/O consuming coins"

CPU load: 70.94%

RAM load: 65.0299%

Disk usage: 83%   Disk load: 7.36%

Server 3 "Server for ZCash (memory leaking)"

CPU load: 64.98%

RAM load: 82.2354%

Disk usage: 33%   Disk load: 23.36%

Server 4 "Server with additional firewall for most important coins"

CPU load: 26.03%

RAM load: 48.5241%

Disk usage: 37%   Disk load: 14.96%

Server 5 "Monero"

CPU load: 14.3%

RAM load: 90.8933%

Disk usage: 21%   Disk load: 16.72%

Server 6 "Ripple"

CPU load: 4.22%

RAM load: 38.6593%

Disk usage: 14%   Disk load: 1.68%